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They are non-dangerous but the petals can rot or wilt over time if the relationship fades. Romantic soulmates spit up petals and grow flowers from their lungs until the person confesses. Once the confessions been made petals will occasionally show with strong emotions. Tagging you Dopp, @dopp-loves-yanderes.It's time to try Tumblr. You'll never be bored again. Maybe later. Sign me up. See a recent post on Tumblr from @frogspond200 about hunter x reader toh. Discover more posts about hunter x reader toh.The short talk you had together. The dance you shared. Your hands looped behind his neck as you danced. His hands on your waist as he glided across the ballroom floor with you. The way you blushed when he offered you to dance and the shocked look you gave him realizing it was the Emperor.After the defeat of Bel... Life takes a weird turn when you stumble through a kind of portal door that leads you to a mesmerizing but dangerous world driven by magic. Will you adapt to the unfamil... Read the most popular tohhunterxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.pairing ; (one sided) hunter wittebane x gender neutral reader. note ; for context yellow hyacinths represent jealousy and sorrow in victorian flower language. note 2 ; potentially a bit dodgy as i've never written anything hanahaki related before. read also on ; ao3. Keep reading. Source: sleepingdeath-light.TOH Hunter/Golden Guard x reader Masks and Bets part twenty-two. Series Masterlist ***** Sometimes life is weird. My life is a really weird one, personally, but you know how that goes- it's all in the territory of being a grimwalker with a contrived backstory that the author made up back in middle school. I'm used to it.Hunter will be feeling like an emotional wreck for the next few days or until you comfort him about it . ... #the owl house #toh x reader #the collector #owl house #fandom #toh fandom #toh collector #scenarios #headcanons #yandere #yandere collector #yandere x reader #temmer. r0semar1esp1ce.Fanfiction Fantasy Toh X Reader The Owl House X Reader Hunter X Reader (Eventual Hunter x reader) (Y/n) Noceda. A fifteen year old girl who's been living with her aunt and cousin in Gravesfield since she was six. But now after an incident envolving snakes and a fist fight, Her and her cousin are being sent to a reform camp. ...We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.Warning: Yandere Reader. ───────────────────────────────────. Let's say the reader is his student (18 or older >: ( ) Hunter begins to notice your obsessive …Jesse doesn’t mind PDA. He likes showing his you off. He often feels like you are “too good for him”, and therefore wants to brag, because he has such a wonderful (and hot) partner. He tends to get awkward when you call him nicknames or show him affection around his friends, since they tease him for being “a simp”.This Hunter toh x shy!fem!human!reader headcanons, drabbles, imagines and oneshots I requested! Credits to favorite and wonderful Tumblr bloggers are who writing on my TOH requests about Hunter toh x shy!fem!human!reader headcanons, drabbles, imagines and oneshots. 🤩💕 Note: Please comment on them! 😊...Summary: The reader is a Blight, and also the middle child who is often forgot about and ignored by both the Blights and everybody else. They’re not as famous as the Blight …3 pages January 24, 2023 LivinTheDream. The Owl House Yandere | Reader x Luz Noceda Reader x Amity Blight Reader x Golden Guard Reader v Golden Guard ... Reader Luz Noceda Amity Blight Eda Clawthorne Willow Park Gus Porter King Clawthorne Golden Guard. Fanfiction Romance. You're crazy mother brings home a human, Luz, who wants to become a witch ...Hunter X Reader - The Owl House. CW: language. Tags: Hunter is an awkward moron, Reader is ambiguous, written in second person, poor attempt at enemies to lovers 😖😖. Synopsis: Hunter is sick and tired of a new scout for the Emperor’s Coven, they’re only 16, and, don’t tell anyone he said this, a very gifted Witch.Time. 1h 36m. Start reading. kil_zoldyck99. Complete. First published Jan 06, 2017. Oneshots of you with the hxh characters! Warning: my oneshots are bad and have many mistakes because I wrote these quickly and forgot to double check for mistakes, hate comments! I wrote these one shots when I was in middle school and now I …Are you tired of struggling to open and read PDF files on your computer? Look no further. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of downloading a free...This Hunter toh x shy!fem!human!reader headcanons, drabbles and Oneshots I requested! 💖 Credits to favorite and wonderful Tumblr bloggers are who writing on my TOH ...Female Reader; Hunter has extremely soft spot for his shy human girlfriend; Summary. This Hunter toh x shy!female!human!reader headcanons and imagines I requested! 💖. Credits to @writingficsblog (Tumblr blog) is who writing on my TOH requests about Hunter toh x shy!female!human!reader headcanons and imagines. 😊💕goldenguard theowlhouse toh hunter owlhouse hunterxreader luz goldenguardxreader eda luznoceda thegoldenguard amity huntertoh amityblight belos gus willow lumity emperorbelos xreader. 631 Stories. ... Hunter x reader oneshots Hunter may be a little out of character Book cover does not belong to me. tohhunter; xreader; goldenguard +11 …The Owl House (Cartoon) Teen And Up Audiences. Graphic Depictions Of Violence. F/M, M/M, Other. Complete Work. 04 Aug 2022. Graphic Depictions Of Violence. The Collector (The Owl House)/Reader. The Collector (The Owl House) & Reader.Hello! Can I request a yandere!hunter x reader oneshot, where they have been “together” for a while, and reader willingly initiates physical touch (a hug, hand holding, anything is fine) with hunter for the first time.Hunter knows he hadn't told you he was the Golden Guard yet so calling out your name in the crowd must have been a shock. But he thought after he took off his mask and showed his face you would calm down.Silver and Gold | TOH Hunter x Reader. 98 pages April 14, 2023 Stellar. The Owl House | Reader Hunter Luz Noceda Amity Blight Willow Park Gus Porter | Fanfiction Toh Huntertoh Golden Guard Toh Hunter Toh Hunter X Reader. Y/n was one of the smartest kids at Hexside and after finding something to help her magic, she joins the Emperor's Coven.edricblight theowlhouse emirablight amityblight toh luznoceda goldric lumity willowpark gusporter hunter edric goldenguard owlhouse edaclawthorne luz amity lilithclawthorne eda emira. 308 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New # 1. Hunter x reader x Edric (ONESHOTS) by Raccoon. ... Edric x Hunter !WARNING! Season 2 spoilers, all included ships are: Eda ...hunter/reader or hunter/original male characters. reader is named oliver and is in the place of the collector. he takes a liking to hunter. Series. Part 1 of no fun mondays …Implied Mattholomule/Gus Porter. Gay Mattholomule (The Owl House) Mattholomule and Steve are Siblings (The Owl House) Steve works a monotonous job, and, no matter how old Mat gets, he'll always be his annoying little brother, as well as the person he cares for most. (Day 3: Brother/Puppet) Language: English.Hunter is about to explode when we tells Crosshair "handle it, or I will." Crosshair understands the assignment. Reader is a she/her and has a WAP. This is mostly reader and Crosshair, but there is mention of Poly Batch. Tech's not dead and the Bad Batch are all together. Omega stayed on Pabu that day.A pang of fear stabs Hunter in the gut as he hears his own words and struggles to rip the wobble out of his voice. "To Emperor Belos, I mean!" The slight crack and fluctuation of intonation, embedded deeper in his memory than anywhere else, fills him with a cold awareness of the smallest things.Hunter X Hunter. Updated Synopsis: It's been a little over a year since the Chimera Ant Incident. A year since you'd made that fateful decision to run away during the fight with Pitou, leaving Kite behind in the process. A year of trying to cope with the aftermath.goldenguardxreader. toh. +4 more. # 2. Ⓗunting Ⓨou (Hunter X Reader) by Wbebebe. 18.8K 1.1K 63. Y/N is 21, and is a wild witch, specialized in Beast Keeping, plants, and …Staring from the darkness and fog with glowing eyes. The porch light flickered as you stared back at him. Holding your breath refusing to blink because he might disappear, because this might all be a dream your hand lets go of the porch railing as you got closer. Wandering towards him drawn in by his hypnotizing blue eyes you shiver.Little Spider (Child reader) (HXH) by Skypie. 36.5K 1K 7. Y/n Lucilfer was the daughter of Chrollo Lucilfer, who was known by baby spider. She found herself getting lost in the city of Yorknew city, but she ran into a male name...PLZ‼️‼️ if someone wants to read like what i've got so far plz tell me!! (it'll probably be toh x reader but mostly hunter probably) GIF by theshitpostcalligrapher. #male reader #gn reader #toh #toh x reader #toh x male reader #toh x gn reader #genshin #genshin impact #male!reader #I NEED TO KNOW SOMWONW ELSE NEEDS THIS ...Female Reader; Hunter has extremely soft spot for his shy human girlfriend; Summary. This Hunter toh x shy!female!human!reader headcanons and imagines I requested! 💖. Credits to @writingficsblog (Tumblr blog) is who writing on my TOH requests about Hunter toh x shy!female!human!reader headcanons and imagines. 😊💕103 Stories. Your father is a basic guard in the emperors coven, you often go there in your free time to tend to the plants around the castle, one day, you're in the castles library... The reader will be treated as they/them. When the scout y/n became the Raven Watcher everything changed.See a recent post on Tumblr from @glyhpsrfvckincol about toh belos x reader. Discover more posts about toh belos x reader.Hunter/Golden Guard x Male Reader by Crafty45. 2.5K536. Y/N is Luz's best friend until Luz gets transported into the demon realm. Then when he thinks his life couldn't get worse his parents decide to move to another state for... goldenguard.CURSED!HUNTER WITTEBANE X READER [NSFW ALPHABET] these are as cursed as hunter himself 😀👍 this is one of two thirst requests for possessed deer man, expect a fanfiction soon, pet 😉. See a recent post on Tumblr from @the-salem-devil about possessed hunter x reader. Discover more posts about possessed hunter x reader.See a recent post on Tumblr from @owlish-owlhouse about toh gg x reader. Discover more posts about toh gg x reader.Alaska Airlines offering 50% off many routes when you buy two tickets. 10% off first class. Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here. There...This book is full of one-shots and scenarios of the characters of the show 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐰𝐥 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞 directed by Dana Terrace and her team! This is a xreader mostly.Note: I'm only doing the owl house x reader + the other characters I've added. I have a google docs for my request! The Owl House Requests Other requests. The characters I'm doing is: Amity. Darius. Raine. Luz. Hunter. Willow. Luz x Reader x Amity. Alador. Darius x Reader x Alador. Check the Google docs for more info!You opened your arms to him and he crawled over to you. For a second or two he was positiond slightly over you, and with that he gave you a sweet peck on your lips before moving to rest on your chest. Your arms enveloped him into a warm hold, your right hand rubbing softly up and down his back.This was when Oz decided to jump from your hold and ravage whatever sanity Hunter had left. The palisman took the hood of Hunter’s borrowed cowl and covered his entire face …Emperor Belos (The Owl House)/Reader. Emperor Belos (The Owl House) Original The Owl House Character (s) Kikimora (The Owl House) Slow Romance. Alternate Universe - Romantic Comedy. It's a romcom with a horror story playing out in the adjacent room. every so often the door opens but it mostly stays closed....

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Eda x Reader (Fluff!) - Jealous. Notes: Reader has no gender! That is up to you! Synopsis: This takes...

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Alpha Prime Hunter | The Golden Guard. Hunter's presentation of an Alpha Prime was a shock to everyone, including Emp...

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Warning: Yandere Reader. ───────────────────────────────────. Let's say the reader is his student (18 or ol...

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98 pages April 14, 2023 Stellar. The Owl House | Reader Hunter Luz Noceda Amity Blight Willow Park Gus Porter | Toh Huntertoh Golden...

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gus willow amity luz theowlhouse eda lumity toh hunter owlhouse king luznoceda amityblight hooty lilith...

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